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Best Lavender Essential Oils: 14 Of The Purest Lavender Oils Available

best lavender essential oil - bottle of oil on table with lavender flowers

Lavender is a plant that has been used for centuries for its aroma and therapeutic properties. In recent decades, many studies have been conducted on the effects of lavender on humans. These studies have found that the scent of lavender can be calming and reduce stress levels by improving mood and reducing anxiety levels. Lavender is also a natural remedy for insomnia, headaches, and depression.

But with so many options available, how do you choose the best lavender essential oil? That’s exactly why we put this list together. As essential oil experts, we know a thing or two about quality oil.

Below, we’re going to show you the absolute best lavender oils for every situation.

Let’s get to it…

Types of Lavender Oil Used in Essential Oils


Essential oils come from two primary sources of lavender:

  • Lavandula angustifolia (English lavender)
  • Lavandula latifolia (spike lavender)

How Do English Lavender and Spike Lavender Differ?

English lavender and spike lavender are from different species of plants. Their healing properties differ, and they have varied uses. 

English Lavender

English lavender-based essential oils address a broader scope of issues relative to spike-based oils. This species contains linalyl acetate and linalool, components responsible for its calming effect. 

Essential oils are also helpful in wound healing, thanks to their antimicrobial properties. You should consider these oils if you want help with relaxing and insomnia issues.

Spike Lavender

Spike lavender is rich in cineole, a natural compound found in camphor essential oils. The high camphor content makes spike lavender effective against headaches and respiratory issues such as sinusitis and bronchitis. It’s also effective in boosting concentration.

List of the Best Lavender Essential Oils

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best lavender oils that you can buy today. We also include their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision when choosing your preferred lavender essential oil.

Best Overall

bottle of lavender essential oil

Best English Lavender Oil: Soothing Scents Lavender Oil

Soothing Scents is renowned for formulating on-the-go remedies that comfort, calm and energize the body. They allow you to feel great anytime, anywhere. 

You can purchase this 100% pure essential lavender oil in a bottle. It also comes in several blended scents in a recyclable, BPA-free inhaler tube for use on the go. It helps to reduce anxiety and stress, heal skin issues, relieve pain, and improve blood circulation.

It’s also used in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the U.S., lab tested, and the purity far exceeds industry requirements. In short, if you want the highest quality lavender essential oil, this is the best choice. 


  • 100% pure essential oil
  • Trusted in hospitals & medical facilities throughout the U.S. 
  • The inhaler tube is recyclable
  • Boosts your immune system


  •  The bottle only comes in one size

Edens garden lavender oil

Best Spike Lavender Oil: Eden’s Garden Spike Lavender Oil

Eden’s Garden spike lavender oil is 100% pure and cruelty-free. It contains camphor-like nuances that give it a sweet floral scent that allows you to relax and have a good night’s sleep.

This essential oil is effective in combating respiratory problems. With the proper dilution, you can also use it for skincare.


  • 100% essential oil
  • Come in various sizes
  • Cruelty-free


  •  No glass oil dropper in some sizes
  • Some people report that the scent is overwhelming

Best Lavender Oil for Topical Use

edens garden roll on

Topical English Lavender: Eden’s Garden Pure Therapeutic Lavender Oil (Roll-On)

This Eden Garden’s pure lavender oil comes pre-diluted. Just rub it on the wrist, temples, and neck, and you will start to feel its calming effect in no time. 


  • It is a vegan product
  • 100% pure


  • The scent is somewhat weak

natures oil spike lavender oil

Topical Spike Lavender: Nature’s Oil Lavender (Spike) Essential Oil

This great-smelling, high-quality lavender hails from Bulgaria. While it has a calming effect, it’s also great for relieving joint pain. Nature oil’s spike oil has a high natural camphor concentration, so you should be careful during application. Dilute it with a carrier oil for the best results.


  • Effective for cough
  • Relieves pain and skin irritation
  • Certified organic


  • Has a slightly different, more floral smell that’s not quite the same as other lavender oils

Best Value

now foods lavender essential oil 1

Value English Lavender Oil: NOW Foods 100% Pure Lavender Oil

NOW Foods uses a steam-distillation method to create their oil. Just add three drops of this oil to the same amount of peppermint and chamomile oil and sink into a world of relaxation. 

It’s also vegan, never tested on animals, and 100% pure. NOW Foods has been in business for a long time and makes quality, affordable products in all kinds of categories from vitamins to essential oils. 


  • 100% pure lavender oil
  • Good for relieving stress and tension
  • Affordably priced


  •  It does not come with a dropper
  • Several people have reported that it seems weak and diluted

now foods spike lavender oil

Value Spike Lavender: NOW Foods Spike Lavender Essential Oil

This lavender oil comes with a spicy, camphoraceous, floral, and fresh aroma. Just a single drop in a diffuser is enough to make you relax and relieve any tension and stress. This spike essential oil mixes well with mint oils, eucalyptus oil, and balsam fir needle oil. 


  • Good for aromatherapy
  • 100% pure spike lavender oil


  • Only available in 30 ml bottles
  • Several people have reported that it seems weak/diluted 

Best for Diffusing

revive lavender oil

Diffusing English Lavender Oil: Revive Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil

The Revive Lavender oil is 100% pure therapeutic grade. Adding a few drops of this organic oil to a diffuser will help you sleep, relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation, and release neck and head tension. 


  • 100% organic oil
  • Sweet smell
  • Affordable


  • Some buyers find it too watery

spike lavender oil

Diffusing Spike Lavender Oil: Aura Cacia Lavender (Spike) Essential Oil

Aura Cacia spike oil comes from lavender grown in Spain. Once you diffuse it, this steam-distilled oil relieves congestion and headaches, thanks to its expectorant and pain-relieving properties. If you’re applying it to your skin, make sure to dilute it in a carrier oil first. 


  • No animal testing
  • Relieves pain
  • Serves as a room freshener
  • Affordable 


  • Some reviewers considered the smell too intense

Other Quality Lavender Oils

sky organics lavender oil

Lavender Essential Oil By Sky Organics

This essential oil by Sky Organics is steam-distilled into a high-quality organic oil. This cruelty-free oil comes with a soothing floral scent that is quite effective for aromatherapy. Due to its high concentration, you should dilute it with carrier oil during topical applications.


  • Chemical Free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Great for aromatherapy


  • Several people have had their bottle arrive in bad condition
  • Some users reported that the batches are inconsistent in smell/quality 

Best Blended Lavender Oil

maple organics dream blend

Maple Holistics Dream Blend

This simple yet unique blend combines Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, and Ylang Ylang oils into a perfect sleepy time blend. If you’re searching for lavender essential oil because you’re hoping to sleep better, this is a solid product. We have a whole post on the best essential oils for sleep as well so check that out if you’re an insomniac. 


  • Potent – a  little goes a long way when diffusing 
  • Very affordable 
  • Smells great 


  • Not organic/no mention of how pure the products are 
  • Dropper on top is difficult to use

Other Note-Worthy Lavender Essential Oils

plant therapy lavender oil

Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil

This Plant Therapy lavender essential oil creates a calm and warm atmosphere to help you have a good night’s sleep when diffused. A few drops of this oil can improve skin issues such as wrinkles and fine lines. You can also use it to make perfume, lotion, soap, or candles.


  • Great for DIY projects
  • Good for sleep


  • The undiluted oil is too strong for some (however, you should never apply undiluted oil to your skin)

art naturals lavender oil

Art Naturals Lavender Essential Oil

This Lavender Essential oil from Art Naturals is made from organic lavender flowers, undiluted, and GC/MS tested. This steam-distilled, vegan, and cruelty-free oil features a floral, herbaceous scent with relaxing properties. 

It’s also good for hair growth and sleep. Ensure that you dilute it with a carrier oil before applying it topically.


  • Made from organic flowers
  • Cruelty-free
  • GC/MS tested


  • Some people find the scent overpowering

artizen natural lavender oil

Artizen Lavender Essential Oil

Artizen Lavender Essential Oil is 100% pure organic oil in a quality glass bottle to protect against the sun’s UV rays. It’s available in 1, 2, and 4-ounce bottles. It also includes a glass dropper. 


  • 100% pure, with no dilution
  •  It comes with a glass oil dropper
  • Comes in various sizes


  •  Some customers reported allergies to the product

handcraft lavender oil

Handcraft Blends Lavender Essential Oil

Handcraft Blends Essential Oil is a 100% pure and natural lavender oil that contains no additives. The oil comes with a glass dropper allowing you to measure the precise amount you need.   

This essential oil blends well with bergamot, clove, cedarwood, rosemary, lemon, sandalwood, etc., and is excellent for aromatherapy.


  • It comes with a premium glass dropper
  •  Great for aromatherapy


  • Dilution is critical to avoid any reactions 

Lavender Essential Oil Buying Guide

Choosing the right essential oil can be difficult, especially if you’re new to them. So, how do you find the right lavender oil? 

First, the label must read “100% pure lavender oil.” Products without this label often contain other oils to dilute them, such as almond or olive oil. They may also be fragrance oils which are not something you want to inhale or put on your body. 

If you want the best, uncompromised results, find products made of quality grown lavender. Look for words such as “100% pure” and “undiluted”. 

Also, choose oils in a dark-colored glass. The darker the glass, the better the protection against light and UV rays. Try to avoid clear or plastic containers.  


What Is Lavender Essential Oil Used For?

Lavender oil has many uses from sleep to aches and pains. Here are the main reasons lavender oil is used: 

  • Better sleep 
  • Combating anxiety and work overwhelm 
  • Soothing skin problems
  • Immune system stimulation
  • Enhancing the healing process
  • Muscle pain and tension relief
  • Preventing scarring

Can Lavender Essential Cause Allergies?

Some people experience allergic reactions when they use lavender essential oil. Most, however, are not immediate and can take several days before appearing. The allergic reactions result from linalyl acetate found in lavender.

Skin reactions are the most common form of allergy and usually occur 5-10 minutes after contact with lavender essential oil. Some of the symptoms to look out for are:

  • Burning sensation
  • Itchiness
  • Redness

For diffused oil, the symptoms are coughing, itchy eyes and throat, sneezing, and runny nose. However, this is usually a result of oils that aren’t pure or have fragrances added to them. 

What Is the Best Way to Use Lavender Essential Oil?

You should use carrier oils if putting it directly on your skin. Lavender is an effective treatment for a variety of issues. For a headache, simply apply it to the forehead or the temples. If you have a stubborn cut that won’t heal, applying some oil on it works wonders.

When you want to relax, waft the scent of lavender oil directly from the bottle or use an oil diffuser. The relaxing effect kicks in as soon as the oil enters your system. While the scent is therapeutic, never drink lavender essential oil. 

Final Thoughts

Lavender essential oils have many benefits. They are the go-to natural remedies against stress, insomnia, headaches, and body aches. However, only some brands on the market today will meet your specific needs. 

Be on the lookout for cheap lavender oils because there will be a compromise on quality. The best essential oils contain no additives and are lab-tested. 

Check out the rest of our site for more information on the healing applications of lavender and other essential oils. We also offer signature blends with lavender that target various health and wellness concerns. For the best lavender essential oil, check out our 100% pure lavender oil

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