FREE SHIPPING on all US orders of $14 or more
FREE SHIPPING on all US orders of $14 or more

Medial Order Information

Please fill in your information below to request a free sample kit, or to set up order payments,  get clinical study information, facility approval assistance, or a facility in-service.


Sample Kit Eligibility

  • Registered nurses
  • Registered medical physicians
  • EMTs
  • Registered nursing student

Benefits of Ordering Medical Packs

  • Discounts applied to eligible orders
  • Purchase orders with Net 30
  • Priority shipping

Benefits of Choosing QueaseEASE

  • Drug and sedative-free nausea management
  • No physician’s order required
  • Easy for patients to self-administer as needed
  • Used to combat PONV
  • Ideal post-discharge pain management tool



Want to skip the sample kit and make your first bulk order?

Since QueaseEASE is not a drug, it does not need to be ordered through the pharmacy. Purchasing is done through a facility’s materials management department. It is obtained just like any other supply item and does not require a physician’s order.

Order bulk medipacks online here
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Order over the phone 1-888-393-7330


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