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Bedside chats: How to practice self-care, by Nurse Laura

So we started a series!

We’ve been speaking to a LOT of nurses this month, and as expected they have some very swoon-worthy advice for other nurses that we’ll be sharing right here over the next few weeks. This week, we spoke to Laura Hlohinec (IG: @healthytravelnurse), an outdoors-loving PACU nurse who splits her time between Honolulu and San Francisco. She chatted to us about how she’s coping, patients that creep into your heart, and how her mother inspired her career path.

On coping during the pandemic

I’ve made it a priority to go outside every day. Sometimes it’s a walk around the block, other times it’s a short hike on local trails or a paddle-boarding session. I’d encourage everyone to get outside every day and don’t be hard on yourself. Sometimes the best I can manage is to get out for a 10-minute walk before the sun sets. Some days are harder than others. I’ve also been stretching and doing more yoga. I usually light a few candles as a treat and gift myself that time to relax.

On choosing to become a nurse

My mom is a nurse. Whenever there was an emergency growing up she was the most level-headed person in the room. I couldn’t imagine being in a household without someone like that. I became a nurse to help people, but ultimately it’s been so much more than that. It defines who I am and the life decisions I make.

On being inspired

My first job was in an inner-city ER, we had ”frequent fliers” come in on a regular basis but I never saw anyone get better. Their conditions generally got worse over time. One night a woman with breast cancer came in, she was homeless, addicted to drugs and refused all treatment for her cancer. It was one of the saddest things to watch her passed out on drugs and get court-ordered to accept treatment. Several months later I saw her in the ER again, she was alert, in a rehab program, and receiving treatment. She looked amazing. It’s the first time I ever cried with a patient seeing how her life had turned around.

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