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Mother nature. Our science.
Your lifestyle.

Learn more about who we are...and how we're making a new kind of nausea relief.

Who We Are

Soothing Scents is a different kind of wellness company.

The idea originated from a question about a problem we were looking to solve: How can one ease the discomfort experienced by patients in post-operative situations?

That led to many more questions: What would it take to bridge the gap between complementary and conventional medicine? What would a company that does this look like? How could those living in a fast-paced, modern world find natural wellness solutions that had medical credibility and represented the way they lived?

And so, Soothing Scents was formed.

Our origins are 100% medical, our ingredients 100% natural, and our mission is to create products that enable people to carry on with their bold, and inspired lives.


The Soothing Scents story goes all the way back to 2004, when nurse anesthetist Wendy Nichols began blending essential oils in her kitchen as an alternative way to help her patients deal with nausea after surgery.

“It was distressing to see so many of my patients suffer from nausea and not be able to offer something that didn’t cause unwanted side effects, which many medications do,” says Nichols, who used her decades-long background in medicine to find a solution that was medically safe, and scientifically sound.

What began as a homemade remedy quickly became a standard hospital supply, and finally, a growing business. Together with her brother, Roy Nichols, Wendy founded Soothing Scents: a small but big- hearted establishment that produces essential oil inhalers designed with the safety and science that healthcare environments demand.

Today, our flagship blend QueaseEASE is used in over 1,000 hospitals and thousands of homes across America, by expectant mothers, boaters, nervous air travelers, road trip enthusiasts, deep sea divers, frequent flyers, chemotherapy patients, and those looking for a natural way to achieve mental focus and a better way to relax.


We make 100% natural essential oil products that help to manage nausea and restore the body to a calm and energized state.

We do this by combining the healing powers of natural remedies with contemporary research and over 30 years of clinical medical experience, and we bring it all together in a smart, versatile inhaler designed with your lifestyle in mind.

Got questions? Visit our FAQ section below.


Inhaling essential oils works much like alcohol prep pads do: they interrupt the nausea cycle due to the high content of natural alcohol.

Additionally, the components in the oils that we have selected have powerful anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anxiolytic properties, which work directly on the stomach to allow it to relax and return to normal function. Finally, the process of inhalation means that molecules suspended in the vapor travel through your nose and directly to your brain, where they are rapidly processed by olfactory receptors, which is why it works faster than taking a pill.

Each inhaler is formulated with oils that are combined to target a specific concern based on their healing properties, which you can learn more about on our essential oils page.


Our mission is to equip vibrant, inspired people who want to live boldly (while making conscious choices about their health), and to build a science-informed bridge between conventional and alternative medicine.



Soothing Scents is for people who don’t necessarily live an alternative lifestyle but are seeking more natural ways to help with their well-being. They are enlightened, forward-thinking and adventurous people who join us at the intersection of pragmatic science and nature’s goodness, and they want to be smart about what they put in their bodies, whether they are traveling, expecting, or recovering.

  • Unwavering dedication to evolving our company and our products, and an openness to new ideas and new technology.

  • Our company was founded on a deep compassion for suffering patients, and it's the number one reason we’re here today. We’re committed to treating every customer with individual care and kindness.

  • Working with integrity and transparency. No frills, no smoke and exceptions.

  • Making sure that everything we create is as safe as it can be, and engineered with the utmost accuracy.

  • Because we’re in the business of helping you live a life that is extraordinary.

Our Team



Wendy began her nursing career in a large trauma ICU, then became a flight nurse with their aeromedical program before going on to complete her nurse anesthesia training in 1989.  While working as a certified registered nurse anesthetist in a rural hospital in Maine, Wendy developed QueaseEASE for her nauseated patients. She continues to work in operating theaters while heading up creative development for Soothing Scents inc. An avid traveler, she splits her time between Maine, Malta and a tiny town in South Africa called Stanford.



Ok, this isn't an actual picture of Wendy (they didn't have photography when she was young) but it COULD BE!

+ She loves horses.
+ If she isn't at the barn, Wendy is probably in an airport, heading off on an adventure.
+ Favorite saying: "Fortune favors the brave".
+ Favorite cold weather thing: snowboarding.
+ Favorite warm weather thing: it's a tie between surfing and relaxing on a boat.



Roy Nichols brings his extensive entrepreneurial and manufacturing background to the management and development of Soothing Scents. He has a tendency to seek out challenges, so creating a company such as Soothing Scents has been a perfect match for him. "My favorite aspect of building Soothing Scents is the fact that so many people still believe that essential oil therapy will never be taken serious by the medical community. I'm so fortunate that I get the opportunity to prove them wrong every day!"



+ Roy loves to travel, but his idea of camping is more like a hotel without room service.

+ Sadly he isn't a fan of skiing, after his dear sister left him broken and crushed against a tree when she tricked him into a double black diamond run on his first ski trip...ever.

+ His favorite saying is "youth is wasted on the young" ("I pondered it at 21, understand it perfectly at 50")

+ Favorite thing to do is to spend time with his daughter, Kenzie.



Kurt has been with Soothing Scents for 6 years, heading up sales and handling manufacturing, logistics, trade show coordination, and customer service.

A University of Georgia alum (he majored in advertising and criminal justice, and minored in baseball), Kurt is happily married to Brandi and spends as much time as possible with his kids, Easton and Eden.


[email protected]




+ Kurt has a morbid fear of black widow spiders, Big Bird from Sesame Street, undercooking burgers on the grill, and being late.

+ He has traveled to 42 states (thanks Soothing Scents!),

+ Favorite book: 'This Present Darkness' by Frank Peretti

+ His bucket list goal? To visit every MLB stadium in America.



Born and raised in the Central Valley of California, Stephanie is a registered nurse with over 20 years experience in the hospital setting, specializing in pain management and integrative approaches to nursing care.

Stephanie is passionate about sharing the benefits of natural modalities, and has taught hundreds of nurses and physicians how to integrate the effective benefits of essential oils into their practice.

She is married to her husband of 30 years, Kevin, has three children, and two beautiful granddaughters.


[email protected]




+ Avid amateur photographer. She has well over 30,000 photos on her iPhone.

+ Started Hawaiian dancing at the age of five and still likes to dance when given the chance.

+ Self-proclaimed “World’s Fastest Eater", and very proud of it. Occupational hazard of being a nurse with short meal breaks - it’s now the only way she can really enjoy her food.

+ Can fall asleep anywhere, including that one time during a Medieval Times jousting show.