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young woman coughing from bronchitis

14 Best Essential Oils For Bronchitis

In addition to medications, many prefer to tackle their ailments with natural treatments. The volatile nature of essential oils allows them to reach the lower part of the respiratory tract. Bronchitis primarily affects this area of the body. Here, we explore the best essential oils for bronchitis.    Essential Oils for Bronchitis Essential oils have varying properties. When buying them to

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best essential oils for high blood pressure - doctor holding clippy

Essential Oils for High Blood Pressure: 14 Proven Essential Oils

High blood pressure is one of the most common health issues affecting U.S adults.  Approximately 50% of American adults experience hypertension, and that number is increasing. Traditional medicine has long used essential oils and plant materials to lower blood pressure. Modern medicine is only beginning to investigate the value of essential oils, but the results of studies so far have

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best essential oils for nausea - nurse holding expecting essential oils blend

7 Best Essential Oils For Nausea & How To Use Them

Essential oils are heavily concentrated distillations of the active compounds in medicinal plants. They’re more than just fragrance oils, though. They have potent active ingredients that produce powerful medicinal effects at home and in clinical settings. Essential oils have a variety of health uses. Some essential oils are antibacterial and antifungal. Others aid with digestion and reduce nausea. There are

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Essential Oils for Labor & Delivery: Here’s What Actually Works

Aromatherapy uses specific fragrances and essential oils to treat certain symptoms and conditions. There has even been increased use of essential oils for labor and delivery. Studies have shown that care providers can use aromatherapy during labor and delivery to reduce pain perception. In one study, more than half of those who used aromatherapy during labor reported it was helpful.

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Essential oil bottle with various herbs on white background

Natural Anti-Nausea Remedies That Actually Work (Quickly)

Among the most common causes of nausea is motion sickness from travel and morning sickness from pregnancy. You can also become nauseous when you’re anxious or stressed.  However, some people become nauseous for no reason at all. While nausea alone is not usually a cause for concern, seek medical advice if it lasts longer than 24 hours.  In this instance,

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woman using essential oil inhaler while reading a book on the couch

Essential Oil Inhalers: Benefits, Uses & The Best Ones

Essential oil inhalers are becoming more popular for improving wellbeing and stress relief. Essential oil inhalers are a form of aromatherapy used by people all over the globe.  Aromatherapy triggers the central nervous system, which activates an emotional response – instantly affecting your current mood. Mood enhancement is one of the prime uses of essential oil inhalers and direct inhalation

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