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Improved care experience for nurses and patients alike

We develop integrative interventions to improve comfort at every stage of
patient care – from hospital to home.

We develop integrative interventions to improve comfort at every stage of patient care – from hospital to home.

We do this by combining evidence-based essential oil formulas with patient-controlled delivery systems that work to improve recovery as well as satisfaction with care and efficiency in the nursing practice.

We are also leaders in best practice guidelines for essential oil use in the clinical setting, transforming how clinicians view and utilize integrative therapies, and ensuring the highest safety standards within the field.


Low-Risk, Integrative
Nursing Solutions

Evidence-based and
Proven to Help Comfort Patients
During Treatment and Recovery

Evidence-based and proven to help comfort patients during treatment and recovery

Patient-driven and
Pleasant for Enhanced
Experience of Care

Easy to Administer
No Physician’s Order Required

Why Soothing Scents medical?

We’re dedicated to a new experience of care, emphasizing intervention simplicity, patient autonomy, and a reduced reliance on supplemental medications to treat persistent discomfort. We focus on solutions that are low-risk and easy to manage, enhancing the experience of both patient and nurse.

Our difference


We use patient formulations that are comforting as well as effective. We combine these with human-centered product design, allowing patients to control administration and taking the stress out of recovery.

Uncomplicated comfort

No dosage monitoring, no IV lines, no “kick-in” time. Our solutions are simple, transparent, versatile and, most importantly, safe. And as a drug-free nursing intervention that does not require a physician’s order, they are easier to procure.

Cost-saving and value-adding

Our solutions add economic value through lower direct costs, reduced readmissions and higher patient satisfaction scores.

Resource-preserving and efficiency-enhancing

All of the above means that nurses and facilities can reduce time-consuming stressors, including excessive monitoring, managing medication side effects and calming anxious patients.


Contains a blend of 100% pure and natural essential oils and is used in hospitals to calm queasiness that is associated with motion sickness, surgery and chemotherapy.

Peppermint | Ginger | Lavender | Spearmint


Contains a blend of 100% pure and natural essential oils to help alleviate stress and soothe the body and mind — safely, quickly and effectively.

Ylang Ylang | Bergamot | Lavender | Sweet Orange


Contains a blend of 100% pure and natural essential oils to help manage queasiness related to pregnancy. It can be used whenever needed. All ingredients are safe for mother and baby.

Lavender | Peppermint | Lemon | Lime | Ginger


Contains a blend of 100% pure and natural essential oils to help alert your senses, boost concentration and enhance energy — no coffee needed. 

Peppermint | Cinnamon | Eucalyptus | Rosemary | Clary Sage


Contains a blend of 100% pure and natural essential oils to help ease nasal congestion — safely, quickly, and effectively. 

Lemongrass | Eucalyptus | Lemon Myrtle | Tea Tree

“I have had multiple experiences with use of QueaseEase. I share it with my patients, family and friends when they have bouts of nausea. As a nurse I find this to be a wonderful, non-invasive treatment for our patients.”

Lois Schick, RN, SPAN, FASPAN,
author, PeriAnesthesia Nursing Core Curriculum

Research and studies

View our study reports, plus currents insight within the field of integrative care

Our delivery systems

Our delivery systems are designed specifically for the clinical setting to ensure safe dispensing and easy administration by both nurse and patient. All products are drug-free and formulated using 100% pure and natural essential oils. They can be used safely with patients of all ages and medical conditions. We offer three personal delivery systems to accommodate a range of needs and conditions. View our delivery systems in detail here.


Available in all blends

A disposable, short-use version of the Aromatic Inhaler, designed to meet hospital safety standards.Can be used with the QuickCLIP,  available with bulk QuickTAB orders.

Lasts up to 72 hours 


Available in select blends

A compact version of the aromatic inhaler. Can be fastened to clothing or equipment for hands-free use.

Lasts up to 21 days 

Aromatic Inhaler

Available in all blends

Twist cap inhaler tube with an internal wick that holds essential oil vapors. BPA-free,100% recyclable, and leak-proof.

Lasts up to 6 months

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