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Safe, Natural Nursing Interventions

Soothing Scents develops drug-free integrative remedies that reduce patient nausea and anxiety. Unlike IV, IM and oral medications, Soothing Scents products are classified as nursing interventions and do not require a doctor’s order.

Our products, QueaseEASE and STILL, are not ingested or applied to the skin. They do not trigger allergies, react with other drugs or cross the placenta. They have been shown to be safe for even the most vulnerable patient populations, regardless of age or medical condition, and work within minutes.

All Soothing Scents products are portable, leak-proof, easily administered by both nurse and patient, and can be stocked at the patient bedside, readily available as needed.

How Does It Work?

Inhalation of essential oil vapor stimulates a complex neurological process that interrupts the nausea feedback loop in the mid-brain and fore-brain. Unlike isopropyl alcohol vapor, which is commonly used to control nausea, essential oils possess anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and anxiolytic properties. They also smell great.

About QueaseEASE

QueaseEASE Inhaler

QueaseEASE Clippy


QueaseEASE QuickTAB

Pam Chandler
RN Ambulatory Surgical Unit

“QueaseEASE is my first line of defense when my patient says they feel nauseated.”

Melissa Brown
RN Clinical Nurse Supervisor, Ambulatory Surgical Unit

“As a nurse, my ultimate goal is to make my patient’s experience the best it can be. That’s why I love QueaseEASE.”

What Does the Evidence Say?

We have partnered with 12 health systems to study the effectiveness of our all-natural products. The results show that Soothing Scents relieves patient nausea and reduces time.

See the Research

Our Study Partners:
Our Study Partners:

Get QueaseEASE in your unit

Just download our information kit and forward it to your Nurse Manager. The kit contains Soothing Scents’ research and case studies.


Created by a Nurse, for other Nurses

Soothing Scents was founded in 2004 by Wendy Nichols, a nurse anesthetist who wanted to help ease her patients’ nausea after surgery.

Wendy studied essential oils and used that knowledge – along with 30 years of clinical experience – to develop the prototype for QueaseEASE. Now offered in over 1,500 hospitals, Soothing Scents products have been tested in numerous studies and have become a standard supply in facilities across the country.

Haley Arnold, RN, BSN
Clinical Supervisor ASU/PAC

“QueaseEASE is the first thing I reach for with the start of any PONV.”

Introducing the P6 Acupressure
DuoBAND Nausea Management System


TIEO COURSE: Use of Therapeutic Inhaled
Essential Oils (TIEO) in the Health Care Setting

This exciting educational opportunity provides RNs with up-to-date, evidence-based instruction on how to safely and confidently utilize TIEO in the clinical setting.

Participants will earn a certificate of completion, which is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and valid for three years.

Who will benefit from this course?

All RNs interested in or currently using TIEO will gain the necessary knowledge, skills and professional accountability to confidently utilize this treatment option.

Hospital quality improvement managers will be able to use the course data to track and report patient improvement outcomes and care satisfaction.

How much does it cost?

Free of charge for any registered nurse

What if I have questions or need help?

Please call or email Soothing Scents,
1-888-393-7330 Extension #4 (education department)

“Use of Inhaled Essential Oils in the Healthcare Environment” is an ANCC-accredited Nursing Skills Competency Program. Expiration date is January 31, 2020.

* Soothing Scents has no financial or non-financial relationships related to the content of this course to disclose.

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Shop Our Medical Bulk Packs

QueaseEASE Aromatic Inhaler Bulk Pack

24 QueaseEASE aromatic essential oil inhalers for management of nausea and PONV.

STILL Aromatic Inhaler Bulk Pack

24 STILL aromatic essential oil inhalers for relaxation and management of anxiety.

QueaseEASE QuickTAB Bulk Pack

30 disposable QueaseEASE essential oil tabs for management of nausea and PONV.

DuoBAND Bulk Pack

New dual-action acupressure wrist bands for management of nausea and motion sickness. Designed for optional use with QueaseEASE compact clip-on aromatic diffuser.

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QueaseEASE Clippy Bulk Pack

20 QueaseEASE compact clip-on aromatic diffusers for management of nausea and PONV. Used in conjunction with DuoBAND P6 acupressure wrist bands.

STILL Clippy Bulk Pack

20 STILL compact clip-on aromatic diffusers for relaxation and management of anxiety. Used in conjunction with DuoBAND P6 acupressure wrist band.



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