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We’ve worked with a team of independent clinicians and specialists to ensure our products are effective and safe for clinical use.

Those studies have shown QueaseEASE’s efficacy to be statistically significant in managing postoperative and post-discharge nausea, improving perception of care and patient satisfaction, and reducing the need for additional antiemetic agents during treatment.

The Evidence

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“QueaseEASE is my first line of defense when my patient says they feel nauseated.”

Pam Chandler
RN Ambulatory Surgical Unit

Trusted and used in over 2,000 healthcare systems, including:

Our studies

Multiple independent health systems have conducted their own research into the effectiveness of QueaseEASE.
Their insights suggest that QueaseEASE ® provides a statistically significant decrease in queasiness, compared to a placebo, as well as a significantly higher perception of care effectiveness.

(All these studies were done independently with no financial or research involvement from Soothing Scents)

Conduct your own study or trial

We provide product samples, templates and administrative support to independent research teams wanting to explore the effectiveness of aromatherapy interventions.
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“As a nurse, my ultimate goal is to make my patient’s experience the best it can be. That’s why I love QueaseEASE.”

Melissa Brown
RN Clinical Nurse Supervisor, Ambulatory Surgical Unit

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