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Built for Busy Lives

Built for
Busy Lives

Protects Your Skin

Protects Your

Intuitive Design


As our lifestyles evolve, we need to think of smart and intuitive ways to bring our essential oils along for the ride.

Designed to the safety standards required in the medical field, our drip-free inhaler technology prolongs vapor potency, protects the skin, and personalizes the diffuser experience, so you can use your oils anytime, anywhere.

All our inhalers contain a 100% pure essential oil blend, cased in a 100% recyclable, BPA-free aromatic inhaler tube.

The Aromatic Inhaler

Designed to preserve essential oil vapors for up to 6 months, this inhaler is a portable delivery system that uses a twist-cap to control the aromatic flow and prevent leaks. As a personal inhaler, it can be used on the go and discreetly without overpowering the room.

The Aromatic Inhaler

Twist, inhale, soothe
Inhaler for Mobile

The QuickTAB

Now with QuickCLIP

Developed for clinical use, these single, pocket-sized essential oil pods last up to 72 hours once opened (or longer if sealed between uses), making them ideal for hospital stays, travel and on-to-go use.

Combine this with the newly-added QuickCLIP, which preserves formula efficacy up to two weeks, and can be used to fasten the QuickTAB to clothing and equipment for hands-free use.

The QuickTAB

Peel, inhale, soothe

The QuickCLIP

QuickTAB add-on

The QuickCLIP is an added QuickTAB feature that allows you to preserve the efficacy of the QuickTAB formula as well as fasten the QuickTAB to clothing or equipment as needed. By adding a QuickCLIP to the QuickTAB, you can extend the blend’s effectiveness by two weeks.

All QuickCLIPs come as a free, added feature in QuickTAB bulk packs. Available with bulk orders only.

The QuickCLIP

Peel open, inhale, flip to seal
QClip for Mobile (1)

The Clippy

A compact version of the Aromatic Inhaler, the Clippy is designed to be fastened to clothing and equipment for hands-free use. The Clippy lasts up to three weeks and can be attached to a P6 acupressure band for extra defense against queasiness.

The Clippy

Peel sticker, attach, inhale
Clippy product pg
Clippy for Mobile