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Introducing the new lifestyle range

So we have a new look, as you can see. Some of you are long-time users of all our products, and some of you are first-timers here. Here’s the lowdown on what’s new and what we do.


We needed a new site, that much was for sure. So for the last few months, we’ve been working out how to rework our online store, and how we could rethink our existing range.

What we got was a new website, new product names, new logo(!), new color scheme, and new packaging.

Aside from the design, the new site works pretty much the same as it always did: we offer free standard shipping if you buy any Soothing Scents products over $17 (hint: which is all of them) and expedited shipping based on FedEx costs. We ship to all 50 states, as well as to the UK.*

We’ve refreshed our medical page with added information on using QueaseEASE in a medical setting, and created pathways that make it easier to try and buy QueaseEASE for medical facilities.

In terms of our actual products, we haven’t changed a thing there. Our inhalers’ core design is still entirely the same, and we continue to source and blend our essential oils in the same way that we have always done.


For the month of March, we’re offering a one-time 20% discount on your first Soothing Scents purchase. All you need to do is add our launch coupon to your order during checkout, and voila. You can find that coupon on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Offer ends March 31, 2017 (terms and conditions apply)


We create 100% natural essential oil inhalers to manage nausea and help you with your wellbeing. Currently, we offer four different inhalers designed to tackle five key areas: morning sickness, motion and travel-related nausea, general nausea, mental focus and relaxation.

Each inhaler contains a proprietary blend of oils that are designed to fight the culprits of each concern, so we’ve added soothing oils like ylang ylang and bergamot to Still to help with relaxation, mood-improving clary sage for the pick-me-up power in Focus, and ginger’s legendary antiemetic properties to manage nausea that you get from swaying boats, first trimesters and nasty chemotherapy.

Our inhalers work immediately, don’t contain anything that will make you feel drowsy or produce side effects, are safe from pregnant women and people of all ages, and last for up to 6 months when used correctly.

They’ve been used in hospitals and by nurses for over a decade, and have been designed to fit into a purse or backpack, and used on the go. All our products are made by medical professionals and backed by extensive scientific research and studies.


It’s quite easy really. First rule is: don’t ingest them, please.

Other than that, you simply take the inhaler tube, twist the cap (gently, it’s not supposed to come off) and the top will lift up to expose the essential oil wick. Place that gap under your nose and breath in (Warning: It is strong!). Do that as often as needed until you feel better. Close the cap after using it to maximize its longevity.



QueaseEASE is the queen bee of our company. Designed by Wendy Nichols in the mid-2000s with a blend of peppermint, ginger, spearmint and lavender, QueaseEASE is used in hospitals to help with nausea after surgery. It also works for motion sickness, so if you’re prone to carsickness, seasickness, or feeling ill on flights and trains, this is the blend for you.


Expecting was designed for pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness, and because we know that safety is a top priority, we’ve been incredibly careful to create something that is extremely safe, legitimate, and entirely natural.

We’ve combined ginger for its proven antiemetic properties, lemon oil for its studied effectiveness in pregnancy-related nausea, lavender for stress reduction, peppermint for its magical effect on relieving stomach upset, and lime oil for its ability block receptors that signal queasiness in your brain.

We love Expecting because it smells sweet, can be carried with you, looks like makeup and works fast, which is crucial if you’re still trying to keep hush-hush in those first few weeks.


Focus isn’t for queasiness. It’s for the brain boost you need for all-nighters and situations where you need to be on your game. We’ve added eucalyptus to perk you up (anyone who has ever taken a sniff of Vicks knows this), and combine it with rosemary, cinnamon, and clary sage, all of which have shown to boost your concentration, alertness, and motivation.


Still is a classic blend of essential oils that help you relax. It’s luxuriously soothing, and a perfect accompaniment to long baths and meditation. And because it’s fast-acting, it works to calm you down in panicked situations. Still contains bergamot, ylang ylang and sweet orange as anti-stressors, while peppermint gets to work on your stomach.

You can buy all our products right here in our shop.

Got comments or queries? We want to hear from you. Email us at [email protected] or leave a comment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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