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How to use essential oils

News 15.10.18

Essential oils have become increasingly popular (and a lot more mainstream) in recent years as people seek out ways to nourish their bodies and emotional states the natural way. So, how do you use essential oils the correct way? Here are some essential guidelines.

How to deal with nurse burnout

News 10.04.18

We live in fast times.

It’s a time when hospitals are understaffed, performance is increasingly driven by corporate metrics, and national healthcare policy complicates the efficacy of medical systems and medical professionals    taking a toll on their own health.

How we’re making a new kind of nausea relief

News 07.03.17

Soothing Scents started on the premise that natural remedies could be used as a legitimate and effective complementary addition to the medical setting, and to prove that, when used correctly, they do in fact help a lot of people, particularly those looking for more natural alternatives to help with recovery and healing.

So we set out on a science-informed mission to bring essential oil therapy into the medical space, and for almost 12 years we’ve been creating EO inhalers for hospitals, clinics, and nurses across the country.