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The new DuoBAND Active has arrived

Nausea-free living, now hands-free. Introducing our newest, most powerful defense against nausea.

DuoBAND Active dual nausea management system pairs a clip-on compact inhaler version of QueaseEASE with a new P6 acupressure band that relieves queasiness, from the comfort of your wrist. Based on the traditional Chinese practice of using pressure points to ease nausea, the Duoband helps to manage nausea experienced in motion sickness, morning sickness, chemotherapy and postoperative recovery.

Designed specifically for athletes, adventurers, boaters and patients with limited mobility, the DuoBAND Active is suitable for all people, regardless of age or medical condition. Our bands are comfortable, latex-free, bacteria-resistant, and exceptionally durable.

As with all Soothing Scents products, it uses 100% natural and drug-free ingredients.

The DuoBAND Active comes in both large and small sizes. For bulk medical purchases, click here and here. No doctor’s order needed.


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