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Bringing inhaled essential oils into hospitals (and taking them seriously)

Therapeutic inhaled essential oil use, or TIEO for short, has proved to be a remarkably effective alternative to traditional, and often unpleasant, PONV remedies. But why are hospitals so reluctant to adopt the practice? It has been an interesting experience trying to convey the profound benefits of essential oils to healthcare practitioners over the years. Since so many of us

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Get FOCUS and STILL together this fall for just $29

School season, seasonal colors, seasonal flu…fall is full of changes. Make sure you’re prepared. This season, we’re offering you our energy-boosting FOCUS inhaler AND our stress-soothing STILL inhaler, together for just $29. This offer will last for a limited time only, so head over to our shop page to start shopping! FOCUS essential oil inhaler combines a powerful mix of five essential oils for a

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How to choose and use P6 acupressure bands for your healthcare facility

To mark the launch of our new medical DuoBAND, founder Wendy Nichols explains how to use P6 acupressure bands, and how they can help medical professionals in the more traditional hospital setting. For those of us from conventional healthcare backgrounds, understanding alternative therapies for nausea, like P6 acupressure bands, hasn’t come easy. In our world, a symptom appears, a drug is

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The best campfire tracks for the end of summer 2017

Summer ain’t over yet! There’s still one week left before we can officially start preparing for fall, and what could be better than a classic camping playlist while watching the leaves change color. We’ve added some old tracks and some new favorites to get you ready for the outdoors. Here is our roundup of our top campfire and family-friendly songs:

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The number one hurdle for complementary therapies

Though it’s better now than when I first started giving anesthesia (ahem, in 1987), postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is still a top concern for surgical patients, as well as the staff caring for them. These days we have better drugs. We’ve also become smarter when it comes to anesthesia: By limiting narcotic use, sensibly titrating reversal agents and using

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Cancer Survivor Gives Back

Finding happiness in difficult experiences is a tricky kind of alchemy, but cancer survivor Chris Dugan knows how to do just that. Diagnosed with osteosarcoma just before his 13th birthday, Chris found the landscape of his life changed almost instantly. Over the next year, he endured the domino effect of distressing experiences that come with any cancer diagnosis: multiple surgeries,

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