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How essential oils work for nausea [An infographic]

The effect that inhaled essential oils has on nausea is still a pretty well-kept secret. It’s a unique blend of these oils with which we’ve created our own range of remedies for nausea, morning sickness, focus and stress relief.  But how does it work exactly? Here’s how: You can learn more about how we’re making a new kind of nausea

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How to make your home and your holiday smell like Christmas

However you plan to celebrate, if you’re in the US, you know that the holidays are all about keeping cozy, feeling festive, eating a lot, and relishing the nostalgia of years passed. All these things are triggered by the smells you associate with them, which is why using essential oils in the right way can add an extra dimension to

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Get 40% off with our Black Friday sale

Get ready! From Friday (07:00 ET) through to Monday 27 November (23:59 PT) we’re slashing 40% off all retail items* on our website. We’ll also be introducing a new range of gift sets just in time for the holiday shopping season. All items include free shipping if you live in the US. Simple go to our shop page and pay

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The new DuoBAND Active has arrived

Nausea-free living, now hands-free. Introducing our newest, most powerful defense against nausea. DuoBAND Active dual nausea management system pairs a clip-on compact inhaler version of QueaseEASE with a new P6 acupressure band that relieves queasiness, from the comfort of your wrist. Based on the traditional Chinese practice of using pressure points to ease nausea, the Duoband helps to manage nausea experienced in

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Meet Wendy Nichols, our founder

Few wellness brands can say that they were formed within the four walls of an operating room. Soothing Scents formally launched in 2004, but really started a few years before, when a nurse anesthetist from Maine was trying to figure out a way to lessen the discomfort of post-op nausea experienced by her hospital patients. That nurse anesthetist was Wendy

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We’re now available on Amazon Prime

Good news! As of this week, you can buy all Soothing Scents inhalers on Amazon Prime, meaning more convenient shopping for you, and free, fast shipping directly to your door. To learn more about how Amazon Prime works, click here, or start shopping the Soothing Scents range. P.S. Are you studying? As of this week, Amazon Prime is offering a

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