A study recently conducted by students at UMass Lowell School of Nursing in Massachusetts showed that the use of QueaseEASE in ambulatory care had significant effects on reducing postoperative and post-discharge nausea and vomiting.

According to the study, which included 82 participants, 80% of patients reported that QueaseEASE completely relieved nausea while in the PACU, and 72% experienced complete relief of post-discharge nausea when using the product at home. Inhalation of QueaseEASE took an average of 7.6 minutes to take effect, compared to an average of 66.8 minutes when using conventional medication.

You can download the full study here.



QueaseEASE is an all-natural nursing intervention that uses essential oil inhaler technology to manage nausea smarter, faster and with greater patient satisfaction rates. Available in inhaler, disposable tab, and clip-on form. Medical discounts are available for healthcare facilities. To order, or to request a free sample kit for your facility, call 1-888-393-7330 or email [email protected] with the word “medical” in the subject line.