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The QuickClip Guide

Introducing the QuickCLIP, a new QuickTAB added feature for enhanced care.

What is it? 

The QuickClip is a cartridge that fastens onto the back of the QuickTAB, allowing the user to attach the tab onto clothing. 

When the QuickTAB is not in use, the QuickClips acts as a closing mechanism, locking the scent in and keeping the tab fresher for longer. 

How do I use it?

  1. Peel open the QuickTAB to expose the vents.
  2. Slide the QuickTAB against the clip, moving downwards.
  3. Fasten and adjust the tab onto clothing or as desired.
  4. To preserve effectiveness, rotate the QuickTAB around and secure the QuickClip to the front.

What are the benefits?

The QuickClip works in synergy with our QuickTAB portable inhalers. It…

+ Helps to secure QuickTAB’s seal to prolong effectiveness
+ Fastens easily to clothing and accessories for added mobility and hands-free use
+ Attaches to nasal cannula without compression
+ Is fully recyclable and BPA-free
+ Designed with safety features required for healthcare
+ Easy for patients to remove and reattach as needed

QuickTABS on their own can last for up to 72 hours once opened. Adding the QuickCLIP can preserve the formula for up to 2 weeks.

Where can I get the QuickClip?

The QuickClip comes free with every QuickTAB bulk pack order option for medical facilities.

Shop QuickTAB Medipacks.

Visit our Medical Resource page.

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