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FREE SHIPPING on all US orders of $14 or more

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The QueaseEASE Diaries: A (Long) Weekend in Europe

In late April, two friends set off to Amsterdam and Paris for a four-day adventure, armed with the Soothing Scents inhaler range (QueaseEASE, Expecting, Focus and Still) to see how they’d hold up across 1,200 miles of trains, planes, canal tours and bicycle rides. Oh, and we did some tourist stuff in between.   Read Post
Nurse burnout, soothing scents, still, essential oils, selfcare

How to deal with nurse burnout

We live in fast times. It’s a time when hospitals are understaffed, performance is increasingly driven by corporate metrics, and national healthcare policy complicates the efficacy of medical systems and medical professionals  —  taking a toll on their own health. Read Post

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