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What it truly means to be a nurse

When I think about what it truly means to be a nurse, I always recall a particular cold November night in Maine. The OR schedule was running late, and just as we were finishing our last surgery, a call came from the Emergency Department; a badly broken wrist was coming up for repair. While I wearily trudged back from the

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How essential oils are priced

If you’ve ever wondered why products containing specific essential oils, like rose absolute, or frankincense, or blue tansy, for example, have a significant price jump in comparison to other oils and blends, you’re not the only one. We are often asked questions about pricing when it comes to our essential oils. In short, there is one important benchmark, plus a

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New study: Using QueaseEASE first for faster, more effective relief

A study recently conducted by students at UMass Lowell School of Nursing in Massachusetts showed that the use of QueaseEASE in ambulatory care had significant effects on reducing postoperative and post-discharge nausea and vomiting. According to the study, which included 82 participants, 80% of patients reported that QueaseEASE completely relieved nausea while in the PACU, and 72% experienced complete relief of post-discharge nausea when

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How to use essential oils

Essential oils have become increasingly popular (and a lot more mainstream) in recent years as people seek out ways to nourish their bodies and emotional states the natural way. So, how do you use essential oils the correct way? Here are some essential guidelines. Essential oil therapy —  using 100% pure oils that are properly sourced and reputably made— has a

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Your favorites essentials, now as individual oils

Our essential oil singles are here! You love our blends, now we’ve unpacked them to bring ten 100% pure essential oils, bottled beautifully in 5ml vials for you to use however you like. Add them to a home diffuser, to a carrier oil to massage into your skin, or to the bath to help you take the edge off the

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