FREE SHIPPING on all orders to 50 states during lockdown
FREE SHIPPING on all orders to 50 states during lockdown


How Essential Oils Are Priced

If you’ve ever wondered why products containing specific essential oils, like rose absolute, or frankincense, or blue tansy, for example, have a significant price jump in comparison to other oils and blends, you’re not the only one. We are often asked questions about pricing when it comes to our essential oils. In short, there is… Read Post
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How to use essential oils

Essential oils have become increasingly popular (and a lot more mainstream) in recent years as people seek out ways to nourish their bodies and emotional states the natural way. So, how do you use essential oils the correct way? Here are some essential guidelines. Read Post

Essential oils and your safety: Part II

So last week I spoke about the unfortunate encounter one unlucky woman had with essential oils, which both saddened and compelled me to write about the things you need to know when using essential oils – whether it is for yourself, your family or even your pets. Read Post

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