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General questions

Are Soothing Scents inhalers safe to use for people with allergies or asthma?

They are. In some cases, they can be beneficial. For example, the peppermint vapors found in Expecting and QueaseEASE contain menthol, which can help to soothe the airway inflammation associated with these conditions.

Can I use Soothing Scents products during my pregnancy?

Yes. The essential oils we use in all our products are regarded as safe for pregnant women to use – most of these are found in everyday personal care products like toothpaste. Experts have found no link between inhaling low ambient concentrations of these select oils and adverse outcomes. They are safe to use during any stage of pregnancy.

I have a chronic or acute condition and take medication for it. Can I use Soothing Scents products?

All our ingredients are drug-free, non-habit-forming and have shown no side effects that might interfere or interact with other medication. They are therefore safe to use as part of multi-step care and health routine. 

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