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An A+ strategy for the semester: Introducing our new student specials

We’re now offering special student discounts this Spring!

It’s a strange start to the school semester in an even stranger year, with greater demands on your ability to focus.

So we’re offering students and teachers special discounts on all inhalers and sets when you order online. Here’s what’s new:

Students and teachers get 10% off when you shop online

Stock up on on-the-go aromatherapy to help manage your wellbeing while you learn. All you need to do is add your .edu email address in your shopping cart to verify your eligibility and redeem. 

Special once-off offer for nurse and medical students

Are you studying nursing or medicine? If so, you can get 40% off your next order when you shop at soothing-scents.com.

To access this offer, submit this 5-minute form and we’ll send you a code to use in checkout. Medical/nurse students and trainees only. Terms and conditions apply*. 

Register for our medical student offer | Learn more

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Shop on-the-go aromatherapy for:

Nausea | Morning sickness | Better focus | Anxiety | Congestion

*Valid on soothing-scents.com only. This offer excludes medipacks designed for hospital wholesale. Offer cannot be used retroactively. Offered valid in the U.S. only. Standard shipping is free on orders over $14 to a valid U.S. address. Coupons are valid indefinitely but may be subject to change. Medical student offers require students to be enrolled in nursing or medical tertiary or continuing education. This offer cannot be exchanged for cash. Soothing Scents reserves the right to modify this offer at any time.

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