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Medical and facility questions

What should I know about QueaseEASE for clinical use?

QueaseEASE is a drug-free, evidence-based proprietary blend of essential oils formulated to comfort patients during treatment and recovery. These blends are housed in personal inhaler systems designed to the safety standards of hospitals. The result is a low-risk, rapid-acting nursing intervention that helps patients feel satisfied and in control of their care. To date, we’ve supplied over 2,000 facilities in units where queasiness, anxiety and discomfort are prevalent: PACU, L&D, ED, oncology and auxiliary areas like waiting rooms. 

Is inhaled essential oil therapy safe?

When inhaled and properly administered, essential oil vapor is incredibly safe. All Soothing Scents inhalers have been designed for use with the most vulnerable patient populations, which means they prohibit eye, skin and mucous membrane contact and provide an appropriate ambient vapor concentration.

Does this replace PONV medications?

We do not advocate the elimination of any drug therapy for PONV, we simply encourage practitioners to offer QueaseEASE as a first-line rescue to resolve the patient’s condition quickly.

How does it improve patient comfort?

When a Soothing Scents formulation is inhaled, the aromatic vapor travels through the nose to the olfactory bulb where it rapidly contacts the central nervous system. There, it can influence mood and symptoms of unease: with QueaseEASE, the combination of plant extracts assists in interrupting the nausea and vomiting reflex response cycle.

As an integrative care product, QueaseEASE’s pleasant smell, simplicity and low-risk profile all contribute to improved patient comfort and perception of care, and because patients can use QueaseEASE independently and spontaneously on their own, increases a perceived sense of control that many patients find empowering. 

Is the efficacy of QueaseEASE supported by hospital studies?

Yes! St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, University of Maryland and the Queen’s Medical Center are some examples of the over 14 institutions that have conducted independent studies on QueaseEASE. These studies show a statistically significant reduction in patient nausea and antiemetic use, and increased satisfaction rates. The best proof that it works can be found in the testimonials of happy patients and healthcare providers that use QueaseEASE to soothe patients, reduce costs and recovery time, and allow patients to become more involved in their own care and recovery. To view these studies, visit our medical page at Abstracts and full text of all studies are available in our research booklet, which you can download here

Do you actively support medical trials and studies?

Definitely! We are always enthusiastic to support the development and implementation of independent medical studies for QueaseEASE or any other Soothing Scents product. Many hospitals require self-verification of any new product. While the efficacy has been thoroughly documented, there are still areas and innovative uses for our products that can be further explored. We will be happy to discuss our various programs designed to foster further medical studies and information sharing between medical peer groups. From simple surveys to full-scale IRB-approved studies, we can help you.

Are Soothing Scents products classified as drugs? 

Our products are drug-free, so they do not need to be controlled or dispensed by the pharmacy. The essential oils in QueaseEASE are recognized by the FDA as safe to consume, requiring no additional regulation or classification when inhaled. All our products are regarded as supply items such as an alcohol prep pad or an emesis basin. 

Do I need a physician’s order?

Unlike IV, IM and oral medications, Soothing Scents products are classified as designated nursing interventions that do not contain drugs or make drug claims. This means they comply with FDA regulations and do not require medication management by the pharmacy, nor a physician’s order.

Can a patient use Soothing Scents products themselves?

Yes. Our products are entirely safe for patients to administer themselves. They require little to no nursing supervision and provide the patient with a sense of control over their condition, improving their experience and expediting their recovery.

Can any patient use Soothing Scents products?

Nearly any patient, regardless of age or medical condition, can benefit from our products unless they have a true allergy to a specific essential oil we use in our formulation. Please check the ingredient list before use.  

Can I use Soothing Scents products with pregnant patients?

Yes. The essential oils we use in all our products are regarded as safe for pregnant women to use – most of these are found in everyday personal care products like toothpaste. Experts have found no link between inhaling low ambient concentrations of these select oils and adverse outcomes. They are safe to use during any stage of pregnancy.


Are there any side effects, warnings or contraindications I should know about?

Based on 15 years of continuous use in over 2,000 healthcare facilities, all our products have an impeccable safety record, with no reports of undesired side effects or interactions with other treatments. It is recommended, however, that the use of any aromatic substance be introduced carefully, and monitored to verify the patient’s response.

Can patients with asthma and reactive airway disease safely inhale QueaseEASE? 

Yes! In some cases, it can be beneficial. The type of airway inflammation associated with these conditions is soothed by menthol, which is found in peppermint and lavender essential oil vapor. We use both of these in QueaseEASE, making it a safe and appropriate option for patients with airway disease. 

Can patients be sent home with Soothing Scents inhalers?

Having our products on hand throughout the post-discharge period is helpful to patients and nurses. The effects of motion in the car ride home, combined with the lingering effects of anesthesia, can cause feelings of discomfort that Soothing Scents products can help address.

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